Our Accademia will prepare you in the best way to take the CILS exam, a certificate issued by the Università per Stranieri di Siena.

We will help you prepare yourself for the CILS, the examination for the language certificate from the Università per gli Stranieri di Siena. The special thing about this exam is that it also has modules for children, adolescents and adult immigrants who have to demonstrate their knowledge of Italian. Choose to take the lessons alone throughout the year or in a group if the date of the exam is approaching. In any case, we will teach you the test-taking strategies and techniques, and you will do test simulations to test step-by-step what you have learned.

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The “CILS” exam certifies knowledge of Italian as a foreign language.
It is designed for foreigners who have to demonstrate proficiency in the Italian language.
It is also aimed at children and adolescents.
You can use the CILS certificate for work, study and personal purposes.
You can take one-to-one or group lessons.

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Group lessons are composed of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 students and are currently active for all language levels except A1.
One-to-one lessons are currently available for all language levels.

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One-to-one lessons last 90 minutes.
Group lessons last 2 hours.

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If you take a one-to-one course you can always change the time of your lesson with 24 hours’ notice and agree the times of the lessons with your instructor.
If you take a group course you will have lesson once a week, the time of which is determined by language level.

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If you choose a one-to-one course, you will decide when to start the lesson with your tutor.
If you choose a group course, write us to know when the lessons will start.

Custom build your CILS preparation course.

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