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At Accademia di Italiano in Milan, Florence, Mantua and Turin, we pride ourselves on delivering engaging and interactive language lessons in a virtual classroom setting that is as close to the face-to-face experience as you can possibly have. Our very experienced teachers create safe and friendly learning environments where you will be able to interact with other students from the safety of your own home. Find out for yourself by signing up for our free Online Italian Trial Lesson now!
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be virtually immersed in the atmosphere of Accademia di Italiano! Discover Accademia di Italiano!

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Sample Lesson Plan

Greetings people

Introducing yourself and someone else

Asking and giving personal details (name, nationalities, profession, age, phone number, date of birth, etc.)

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Trial Lesson Details

Level: from Beginner

Maximum class size: 10

Students must be 18+ years old

The trial lessons will take place via Zoom

The trial lesson takes place from Monday to Friday between 09:00 — 16:00

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What do you need for an online class?

To get the most from this trial lesson you will need:

— A reliable internet connection
— A desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone
— An integrated or plug-in web camera connected to the device you are using
— An integrated or plug-in microphone connected to the device you are using
— The day before your trial lesson, you will be sent an email with all the details you need to connect to the Accademia di Italiano Zoom classroom

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